You don't do drugs, so you're safe right?

March 30, 2014
I’d like you to examine this chart and see that marijuana has not caused any deaths. Then I want you to ask yourself if you think you are safe from the drug war, because you don’t do drugs. Even if you do drugs, imagine you didn’t – then ask yourself the same question. Now consider the following situations where the drug war has destroyed innocent lives that had nothing to do with drugs.
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Fine officers for illegal searches and seizures.

March 9, 2014
My proposed legislation for police misconduct would impose a fine directly on police officers who violate your fourth amendment rights by illegally searching you. The fine would be imposed personally on the officer – not the police department which is ultimately paid for by the tax payers. The fine would be remitted to the victims. What happens when you park your car and the meter expires? A officer can write you a citation.
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Police Accountability

February 28, 2014
In the past year in Texas, I have seen some horrible crimes committed by police officers. Everything from innocent people being cavity searched on the side of the road, people forcefully held down by police to have blood drawn, a women raped by an officer right here in San Antonio, all the way to friendly neighborhood dogs being shot when they were not posing any threat to any sane minded person.
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