Marijuana Laws

February 28, 2014

I am a firm believer in legalization of marijuana, especially for medicinal purposed, for the following reasons:

Since records have been kept, not a single death has been attributed to marijuana, making it safer than tylenol and nyquil.

Our state spends billions of our tax dollars arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating non-violent marijuana users.

If your kids get caught with the wrong crowd in possession of pot, their lives and all future opportunities can be completely destroyed. All they need is a good lecture from their parents – not a life without opportunity.

Because it’s illegal, all marijuana sales take place on the black market. Black markets have no rules, which means it’s easier for kids to get marijuana than cigarettes and alcohol.

In world war two, the government actually subsidized the growing of hemp to produce rope, cloth and paper which was nationally a multi billion dollar industry. That’s because these plants can produce paper faster than four times per acre than trees! There are also other industrial materials that have been proven to be safer, better and easier to produce than their alternatives like hemp based home insulation.

And most importantly, a lot of research by top universities and even government articles on the CDC’s website show that there are many powerful medicinal purposes for marijuana from pain relief to cancer treatment. And with even more research going into the field, marijuana is being cultivated which has a strong presence of CDB (the medicinal element) and less presence of THC (the part that gets you high), meaning that there is stronger medical benefit with less of the side effects.